THE OUTLIERS > august 21, 2013 >
originally produced through a kickstarter grant in a print run of an estimated 1600-1800 copies, the rest of this edition has now been distributed throughout the us and canada via ALTERNATIVE COMICS - please support your local comics shop and buy one at the very friendly $5 cover price.

is now available as a digital download on COMIXOLOGY

the comic is officially SOLD OUT in my online store, shop for related posters, patches and prints HERE

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outliers deck - art show -

The Outliers - Comic Book

the outliers -  comic book

The Outliers - Comic Book



outliers print -  kickstarter comic

outliers poster -  kickstarter comic

the outliers (comic) - silkscreen shipper

pb rider - artcrank poster

the kirby machine (zine)-  unfolded poster version

minneaplowis - artcrank poster

ordinary thunderstorms - ny times book review

bloomberg businessweek - notre dame / nbc

ICON conference - sunbathing optional

runner’s world - be prepared

ny times op-ed - shanghai jammies